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We just wanted to introduce ourselves and tell you how this side business came into play.
So I am the wifey of our business. My name is Samantha but I go by Sam. I am a sahm to our almost 10 month old baby. Being a sahm you're paid in kisses, poopie diapers, pee diapers and pure exhaustion lol. With that being said we needed a 2nd income. We brainstormed on what my hubby could do to help our family out financially plus still be able to spend time with our rainbow baby.

One day Craig put up ceiling fans for our awesome neighbors and they insisted on paying him. Right then and there it clicked and I came up with start a handyman side business. I started posting in groups on Facebook and all of you amazing people have reached out to me needing things done.

So now I am more than just a mama and milk machine lol. I also co-own a handyman business with my hubby and I get to do the marketing, scheduling and talking to our amazing customers.

My hubby's name is Craig and he is our one of a kind handyman. He can do so many things I never knew he could do (and we've been together 13 years). The services listed on our page our just things Craig has done so far to give everyone an idea of what he can do. He can do so many things.

It is a lot easier to let us know what you need done rather than him make a list of what he can do. We both have enjoyed talking and in his case meeting so many awesome people and being able to help our community out. We want to thank all of you for your amazing support and reviews.

💙The Osburns 💙